Two new Australian Services

On the 13th of September 2015 we implemented two new Australian services for all Australian accounts.

The two new Australian services have been a long time coming, but we are happy to announce that all accounts now have access to

  • Hosted Payments
    • This will allow you to integrate your website or shopping cart directly to your United Payments account, once a cardholder clicks the checkout button on your site, the transaction amount and reference can be passed directly to your hosted payment page and processed through your account.
      • Transactions can then be reconciled by logging into United Payments and viewing your transaction history, the reports provided will provide your usual list of transactions but will also provide transaction references for sales processed through your hosted payments page.
  • Linked Payments
    • This will allow you to set up a pay now page on your site if you are selling fixed value items or appointment bookings etc, you may also use this link on invoices or bills you send out, As with hosted payments you can define a string of information that is sent to this page, i.e. customer reference, transaction amount etc.
      • Transactions as above can be reconciled by logging into your account and viewing your reports.

Both of these services have been added as a free extra for all Australian accounts, and should soon be rolled out to New Zealand accounts also.