Two new Australian Services

On the 13th of September 2015 we implemented two new Australian services for all Australian accounts.

The two new Australian services have been a long time coming, but we are happy to announce that all accounts now have access to

  • Hosted Payments
    • This will allow you to integrate your website or shopping cart directly to your United Payments account, once a cardholder clicks the checkout button on your site, the transaction amount and reference can be passed directly to your hosted payment page and processed through your account.
      • Transactions can then be reconciled by logging into United Payments and viewing your transaction history, the reports provided will provide your usual list of transactions but will also provide transaction references for sales processed through your hosted payments page.
  • Linked Payments
    • This will allow you to set up a pay now page on your site if you are selling fixed value items or appointment bookings etc, you may also use this link on invoices or bills you send out, As with hosted payments you can define a string of information that is sent to this page, i.e. customer reference, transaction amount etc.
      • Transactions as above can be reconciled by logging into your account and viewing your reports.

Both of these services have been added as a free extra for all Australian accounts, and should soon be rolled out to New Zealand accounts also.

United Payments International Services

United Payments International Services go live.

We are proud to announce that after 10 successful years operating in Australia and New Zealand we now have the ability to provide merchant facilities in most countries around the world. What has triggered this move is the number of foreign interest we have had, businesses from around the world contacting us asking if we can assist in acquiring merchant facilities for them. These inquiries have been primarily coming from Asia, the United States, Canada and Europe.

We were interested in finding out why people were looking and, why they were looking outside of their own country for merchant facilities. The answer was the same with almost every inquiry;

  • Pricing
  • Flexibility
  • Useability

Pricing: Merchant processing can be expensive. Many companies advertise teaser rates but, when you sign up you find that you may be paying extra for statements, or tiered pricing for different card types (e.g. an international visa card as opposed to a domestic one). We will always endeavor to keep these variations to a minimum. In some countries we will not be able to avoid this, but for the most part we will maintain flat rate pricing for all services.

Flexibility: Brick and mortar businesses and retail outlets often need to process transactions outside of the office or store, and mobile businesses often sit down in an office and would like to process their transactions, so why shouldn’t your facility be available to you whenever, wherever and however you need to process payments?

Useability: This really does encompass everything, pricing, flexibility, ease of use, statements and reports available at the click of a button generated in real time. We have spent 10 years working on what our customers need, so where other facilities seem to charge or penalise people for extras, we endeavor to make all of this available to all customers. In some cases this may not be possible, but we think with our mix of service providers we can satisfy your current needs and build on your future requirements as they arise.

Most new businesses lack the ability to negotiate a low rate (through no fault of their own). Many have no trading history, often do not have a business plan, nor do they have the time to send application after application for a merchant facility. If a merchant facility is approved it often attracts higher merchant service fees, transaction fees, tiered pricing and holding fees etc. A small business cannot get ahead, and never quite knows what they will be paying with each transaction they process. This is where we come in.

Through multiple service providers scattered around the world, we can find the right merchant facility for you. Don’t want to pay a premium for something you will never use, or don’t mind paying a little extra for something like a mobile payments platform etc. ? Let us know, by visiting our plans and pricing page and tell us what you want. We will use all resources at our disposal to find the best facility for you. We only deal with large multinational merchant account providers, so the price we can negotiate on your behalf should be a lot lower than what you would usually be able to acquire on your own. From our small test base we have found that we can reduce the cost of processing by several hundreds of dollars for the smallest of merchants or 10’s of thousands of dollars per annum savings for larger merchants.

Once you complete the form on the linked page above, a customer service representative will contact you either via email or phone and ask for a few more particulars. They will then get back to you with an offer, which at that point you may choose to proceed or not. The decision is yours and you are under no obligation to accept.

As for our Australian and New Zealand customers we will still continue to provide our United Payments credit card facility, but if you find the need for something different or need something specific created for your business, we are now in a position to facilitate additional services if you have outgrown our standard product offering. Send us an email and let us know what you need and we will see what we can do for you.

If you have any questions or queries do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. with almost 10,000 applicants over the years our sole interest is getting what is best for our customers.

New Year / New plan

Over the years we have acquired a lot of merchant accounts, Many started their new enterprise as small businesses and have grown to medium and large businesses over time. looking over our account offerings we decided something needed to be created to better meet the demands of our customers.

When a business signs up for an account, the likelihood is they will stay with us. We nurture and guide each business and ensure that with all the ups and downs businesses have to deal with, the one thing they do not need to think about is their merchant facility. Their account is always available to them, whenever, wherever and however they need to process payments.

We started running the numbers and realised there was a gap, our offering for small and medium business is one of the most cost effective and competitive on the market but when measuring like for like, what we were lacking was a plan which was suitable for above average sized businesses and large business. So we spent some time figuring out what we could do to remedy that.

If you now go to our plans and pricing page you will find a new plan called the platinum plan. It shares the same plan length as our gold plan (2 years) but has a lower merchant service fee starting at 1.6% (ex-GST) and has no transaction fees. Admittedly the monthly fee is priced higher than the Gold plan, but once your business reaches a point where you are processing in excess of $2000 per month on cards the savings are immediate.

If you are a current account holder and feel you could benefit from the lower fees please send us an email and we will look at your account and let you know your savings. If you are a new customer and wish to sign up for this plan simply go through the signup pages.

With this new plan, comes new user guides and application forms, which can be accessed via our downloads section. Much of the information you will already have, but if you would like the most up to date user guide please feel free to download it.

We hope everyone has a safe and prosperous new year, and we look forward to providing you with your credit card processing in the coming years.

Mobile Payments Credit Card Processing

Mobile payments credit card processing has finally arrived.

It is with great excitement that we announce our mobile payments platform has been turned on, best of all there are no additional charges incurred for using it, and you do not need to do anything to set it up, its all automatic.  We will detect you are on a mobile device and you will automatically be directed to the mobile payment pages. You can override this by clicking the “visit full website” button on the pages themselves.

We have kept the bulk of the functionality of the site within the mobile payments platform with the only exception to this being monthly statements. Everything else is immediately accessible from your phone or tablet, monthly statements are still generated and posted within your account on the 7th of each month, accessible from any computer.

Supported devices include iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. In fact any device which identifies itself as a mobile device will immediately be able to access our mobile payments platform. The added bonus of this is that if you are on a restrictive (i.e. small)  data plan with your mobile carrier the amount of data transmitted has been reduced by 1000% so not only is it fast to process your payments, it also uses substantially less data to do so.

We look forward to hearing your feedback, and if you encounter any problems please let our staff know so it can immediately be remedied.

Small Business Credit Card Processing

Small Business Credit Card Processing.

Our long time service providers IP Payments asked if they could conduct a case study about our company, highlighting how and why we do what we do. With companies such as 20th Century Fox, L’oreal and Quickflix all having previously been showcased, How could we say no? of course we were flattered and said yes.

Early 2013 we sat down with IP Payments and discussed our past, present and what we believe the future holds for United Payments and payments in general. If you would like to have a read of the case study please click here. [ddownload id=”2532″] United Payments ha always had a focus on small business credit card processing and our goal has always been to provide high end processing products and payment acceptance channels for a fraction of the price.

If you would like to read about the other companies showcased by IP Payments you can read them here

Refunds go live

Refunds go live… Finally.

As a company that specialises in payment processing for primarily small and medium sized business we must always find a balance in what our offering to our customers entails. When a bank issued merchant facility is provided it always comes with additional costs, phone line rental, paper rolls, higher rates, tiered pricing on card types, hidden fess etc. Extras are always billable and as such blow out the cost of a traditional merchant facility to astronomical levels.

When we believe a service or product should be inclusive, we incorporate that service into our core offering. So items such as an IVR, Virtual terminals and mobile payments, should all be part of the same package and not be an additional line item. We have always operated in this manner. If something is required, or enough customers lodge a request if the module does not exist, we will build it.

Throughout the years we have been operating one thing struck us as odd; there were very few instances where refunds were required by merchants. Over several months in 2012 we saw an increase in the number of refunds being requested. By no means a massive spike, but not something we wanted our customers to have to settle manually as they had previously been doing.

We had several options available to us, in regards to how to deal with this, but once again for us its about balance, we had to create the simplest of products to satisfy the largest number of merchants. Building for one merchant is easy albeit costly, building something which will be suitable and accepted by thousands of merchants, We can now confirm, is not.

But…. having said that…

We can now announce that refunds can be automatically initiated from within your account. If you go to your transaction history and look at the drop down menu you will note there is a new option to “Refund Tx” once you click on this follow the next 2 prompts and your transaction will be refunded. There are no fees incurred for refunding a transaction.

We really must send a special thanks to IP Payments for this one, We knew how we wanted this to work, it needed to be clean and tidy and simple to use, we also knew how complex the development would be, as this needed to be deployed and accepted by all merchants. All merchant refunds needed to be individually tracked and documented for the purposes of transaction disputes and chargeback resolution, IP Payments truly delivered beyond our expectations on this one.

If you need to initiate a refund you can do so immediately from within your account, we have had several merchants testing the system for a few months now and it is working well. If you do encounter any problems please do not hesitate to contact us.